Thursday 5 May 2011

BF purple and white inchies

These are the inchies I received for the BF forum April swap 'purple and white':

Not so many of us this time, but aren't they lovely?! Purple is one of my favourite colours.


  1. I like them, very cute!

  2. I have never got my head around making inchies, but these are very cute.
    I had an interesting read of all your other blogs this afternoon, but I have chosen this one, as the most general crafting one, to link to a little something I have left for you on my blog here
    Kate x

  3. I know I'm a bit late commenting on your Salt piece! I didn't know there was such a day! So great we can use all our talents and pastimes for the Glory of God! Love the "Queen" card below, so pretty!


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