Thursday 5 May 2011

Prize from Penny Black at Allsorts

I'm still here, despite my lack of blogging - I've been having a craft sort out for the past three or four days - in between other things - a more thorough sort out than I've had for a long time - I've come across things that I'd forgotten about and also got rid of some things that should have gone a long time ago. So I've done no crafting since Sunday - lots of ideas buzzing around in my head as a result of being reminded of some hidden supplies - now I just need to find the time and mojo to put them into practice.

Meanwhile, this morning postie bought me this lovely PB stamp and a card from Brenda, for winning Penny Black at Allsorts April challenge with this card.


  1. Please it arrived OK Hazel.

    I can see lots of possibilities with it and look forward to seeing your creations.

    Looking at my little card I feel a bit ashamed that there's not a stamp in sight - a little secret - I made that batch one afternoon when we had no power due to a line fault, so no heat gun or big shot, then I rememebred my old cuttlebug.

    B x

  2. Lucky you, what a lovely stamp! Have fun using it!


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