Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Suzie's 365 day 53: ordinary

When I saw that Suzie's photo prompt for today is 'ordinary' I wondered what I could do - then I thought of our 'ordinary' glasses in the cupboard. Because John has very little vision we do have quite a few breakages of crockery and glass - particularly because our kitchen floor is tiled and anything that falls breaks.

We do have some 'nice' glasses that are hardly ever used - high days and holidays - but for everyday we use 'ordinary' ones that can be replaced without too much expense.

So here is my photo for Suzie's day 53: ordinary:

And, yes, I know that I haven't done anything yet for yesterday's prompt - that's got to wait till tomorrow - I have an idea for that.


  1. Great idea- we have everyday glasses too!

  2. We have ordinary glasses as well; they come from the supermarket full of Thomy mustard and Nutella chocolate spread! Justin has double vision after a stroke and has trouble judging where the edge of the table or shelf is, and we have lost a fair few glasses, cups and plates in the last 12 months.

  3. We too have everyday glasses!!

  4. Ordinary glasses here too !
    It turns out to be a beautiful picture, actually.

  5. We also have ordinary glasses. the photo you have taken of yours has made them look extraordinary

  6. Small-ish children here so ordinary glasses are what we have. You have captured them really well here in your photo. xx


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