Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 274

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It is ages and ages since I've linked to WOYWW and I've missed having a nose at everyone else's workdesks, although, admittedly I do 'see' quite a few WOYWWer in my wanders through blogland. If you don't know what I'm talking about have a click on WOYWW 274, have a nose around ... and more importantly, share a photo or two of your workspace for others to visit.

I've often thought of 'returning to the fold', so to speak ... and at last, here I am!!

I'm excited to show you my workspace, because a big parcel arrived yesterday - I wonder if you can spot what was in it?

Well, I've had to move my cricut to the back of the left where I sit, my eBosser and some other things have been dumped there for the time being:

Because I needed to make room for my new toy - the Brother Scan n Cut. I powered it up today and cut a few shapes - that's as far as I've got.

Here's the new toy in all its glory!

Now I have a dilemma. I have lots of cards to make (I'm now on lots of Design Teams, which is wonderful, but does mean that I need to keep up with getting things done. Do I get ahead with all those commitments, so that I can then play with the new toy ... or do I play with the new toy and then get everything done in a hurry after that. And, the big thing that I've needed to do for ages and need to do even more now is have a sort out!! Having bought a new unit a few months ago housing quite a number of Really Useful Boxes, I promised myself that I would have a good sort out ... it hasn't happened yet. Those who know me well, know that I like to be organised, so I do need this sort out. Watch this space ... you never know, I might be able to come back next week and show that the sort out is in progress.

Update: If anyone's interested I've just made a card using some cuts from the Scan n Cut - it's here if you'd like a look.


  1. ah hazelnut very interested that you have this brother scan and cut as saw one at our sewing machine place last time I as there.. and wondered whether it is all that its cut out to be ... ouch, bad pun huh?? :D mind you, it was far from cheap so very much doubt I could justify it.. but no harm in being curious, is there now :D
    happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz. #33

  2. Wow, Hazel...that is one organized desk! Your desk is inspiring!

    I like your new toy. I say you should definitely try to squeeze some play time in!

    Have a fun day. :)
    Hugs, Kathy Jo #44

  3. How lovely to see you here on WOYWW again Hazel. Have taken part in a few of your challenges over the months - but not often, I'm afraid. Life has been a little manic!! An amazingly neat and tidy workspace - and oh, what a dilemma for you.... I'd probably do the "must do" and "urgent" tasks first - whilst at the same time muttering that I wanted to be doing something else!
    Thanks for visiting - yes, it was an exhausting day, as I drove all but 25 miles of the 400... but a very worthwhile trip. SO good to see the family - not seen much of them with John having been so very ill. However, they are always willing to come to Wales! Can you blame them? Sun, sea and mountains!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #22

  4. You have such a Cute and Neat Work Space. Very cool "Scan n Cut"... I am sure you will be using it much more soon and having fun. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Wow I just love your shelf unit with the gorgeous soft toys and the fabulous display of rubber stamps - they look so inviting like that - I pull all mine off the wooden blocks, put them on ez mount and store them in drawers, but I like your idea better! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier, I hope you have a great week, Diana #41

  6. I have no idea what your he toy is but I hope you find the time to play with it. I'm sure you will have lots of fun.
    FAMFA 51

  7. Ooh, A Scan'n'cut, I think you will get lots of fun out of it, do share.
    Your work place looks so organised already but no doubt you will enjoy a sort out and will find those exciting things you'd forgotten you had.
    Now I will go away and sulk in my jealousy and try to convince myself that I do not need a scan'n'caut.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier.
    Chris #10

  8. Your workspace is super cute! Have fun with your new toy. I saw it used constantly on the last season of Scrapbook Soup on PBS. Thanks for your sweet visit. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #55

  9. I love your work space and hope you have fun with your new toy.
    Thanks so much for visiting my place too. Have a great week and happy crafting Angela x 38

  10. You are going to love that machine, I love mine to bits and that fussy cutting is a thing of the past and to cut what you want it too. Oh fun times are ahead for you.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 49
    Happy WOYWW

  11. Congrats on your new "toy"! It can be a bit overwhelming to get something new -- you feel a bit obliged to play with it a lot, but it can be a little intimidating, too. Now that you've got the first card out of the way it will be smooth sailing. Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting! ~ Laura #53

  12. Have fun with your new tool.
    I use a Silhouette and love it. I don't know why I waited so long to get a digital cutter.
    I find if my "commitments" don't fulfill my artistic needs for play and creativity, I don't do them.
    hanks for visiting and the snoop around
    Robyn 13

  13. What a wonderful space you have! I particularly like your marker storage. And by all means, play with the new toy first! LOL
    Thanks for your earlier visit. #37

  14. You are definitely well organized! And what a dilemma! I would want to play but can you combine playing with your DT projects? Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #56

  15. I am loving your craft area.

    Your new toy looks fab. You'll have loads of fun with that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 32

  16. Oh wow Hazel, you have the cut and scan! You are a gadget freak like me! I doubt I will be able to afford one of those now that Shaun has taken flexible retirement, on top of me taking early release a couple of years ago!
    Yes the ebosser can be wonderful - but it lets me down so many times, hence the new manual machine.

    Thanks for visiting earlier.

    Cazzy x

  17. Ah, the perennial problem! whatever, hope you enjoy your new toy!! Helen 14

  18. What a pretty card you made with your new tool/toy! I don't suppose you could use it to help you with all your commitments?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. Wish I could send you a few of these tomatoes! :-)

    Happy creating and happy woyww,

    Sandy #21

  19. I love the look of your creative space, Hazel - nice and light, and I like the pale wood - AND all those gorgeous teddies!! Well done getting your new machine, and I am sure you will have a lot of fun with it. Your whole space looks very organised.

    Thanks for your visit and your nice comment and I'm so glad you like my card, and also my new-look office with its red rug! I am very happy with how it's turned out.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #40

  20. oh what fab purchase ( maybe one day )I would definitely squeeze in some play( learning time) and maybe even you could combine the two and use whatever you create in your designs have fab play and week ahead thanks for visiting Andrea #12

  21. That card is lovely! What a lovely new acquisition! #27

  22. Happy WOYWW. I have returned to this crazy family this week too. Must be something in the air! I love your work area and organisation. Scan n Cut! Been tempted several times, but the cost and the fact I have a Silhouette Cameo (plus lots of accessories/kits for it) keep me from ordering. Will be interested to see how you get on. Ali x. #20

  23. Thanks for your visit - lots of seed trays now filled with little plants, looking forward to beautiful plants next year.
    I am afraid I am one of those who has to use the new machine straight away - need to practice if only to make cards with the 'bits'. I know it's wrong but ....
    Bishopsmate #69

  24. Play with the new toy!!! Definitely - catch up later hehehe :o) Love your serene creative space. Happy WOYWW Annie C #45

  25. Fantastic space to work in especially now your scan and cut is to hand! Thanks for visiting! Chris46

  26. love your workspace - so sunny! congrats and the new machine - have a blast with it!

  27. Hi Hazel, I've linked into WOYWW for the first time and I'm happily snooping around.
    I can tell by your desk that you are an organized person. So neat and clean!
    Congratulations on your new toy! It looks great and I'm looking forward to see what you do with it. Oh, I would play first of all. New toys have a learning curve. Then perhaps you can use your new skills and new toy to catch up with the 'work'....(but who am I....)
    Thank you for sharing your desk.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Lisca #61

  28. I love your working space, it is very nice and look at all those pens - wow!
    Thank you for visiting earlier
    Gabriele 65

  29. Hi Hazel, thanks for visiting me earlier and for your kind words. I am getting better, slowly. I am SO jealous of your wonderful craft space. Perfect. I have a Silhouette, which I feel is similar to the scan n cut and I LOVE it, have fun playing and learning. YouTube is the best place for learning. Cx #59

  30. Good to see you again Hazel! Thanks for dropping by yesterday - my internet's been playing up , sorry I'm late replying...
    I LOVE your neat and tidy workspace so much! If I was a papercrafter, my desk would have to be like yours, I can't abide mess! Hope the new gizzmo is fun to play with :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 24 xx

  31. The kind of tidy space I aspire to at the moment - you know, you saw my chaotic space already :) I am temped by the S&C, have been since I read about it, but just not any sort of space to put it. I need a loft level in my room LOL but the ceiling isn't high enough...I am so over having to get something out to use it (like the Cricut) or having it in another room (the Craft Robo Pro) so for now I'll wait....

  32. Oooh what a lovely tidy desk and a fabulous new toy! I personally would have a quick play otherwise it will distract you whilst you are doing your DT stuff and they are hard enough work without any distractions aren't they! Have fun - Sunshine Girl #17

  33. Fab workspace Hazel - good to have you back in the WOYWW fold! - Jo

  34. What a beautiful room to play in. I hope you manage to squeeze in some practice time as well as keep up with the DT stuff. Have a lovely week, Chris # 29

  35. If it were me - I would get my commitment projects done early so I could play with my new machine. Of course - I say that, but I also say I work better under pressure. Oh - I'm not help at all! Congrats on your new purchase. April #70

  36. What a great room! I love how all those wood mounted stamps are right there! Wish I could do that with all mine.
    I'm interested to see what you think of that new machine.
    Thanks for visiting earlier. I'm a bit late this week :)
    RosA # 6

  37. It is a great room to play in. Enjoy and play. Thanks for sharing Carole

  38. OOOOh!!! So exciting!! I've heard lots of good thing about the Scan and Cut. You'll have to let us know how you like it. And I totally vote for playing first and working later! Haha! Or figure out how to combine the two!

    Happy (late) WOYWW!
    Amy E. #4

  39. Beautiful workspace Hazel you are so lucky! I have dilemma's like yours all the time. So much to craft so little time! x

  40. Hi Hazel! I hadn't had a chance to visit you last week so I am here now... a week later (but there's no new woyww-post from you yet, so I comment on this one) Have you sorted out already? DId you find time to play with your new toy? Having something new is inspiring, isn't it? Happy creating and happy woyww! Marit (#53 on September 10)


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