Saturday 1 November 2008

HS:MS:HS SPS with a twist

On HS:MS:HS today: 'This Saturday I’d like to try and make our SPS shots just a little bit more interesting - so who's going to play? What I would like you to do is post a favourite childhood photo of yourself, but one that has a little story behind it. Not looking for an essay, just a few lines about the memories that the photo brings. Can you do that?'

This is me as a bridesmaid in November 1954 (I was seven). Mum decided that I should have my hair cut and home permed especially for the occasion, but she was never much good at doing hair, particularly anything to do with perming! - hence the fuzzy look (after lots of brushing).

There were six bridesmaids altogether - three adult and three children.

My dress was white with a silvery pattern on it. I remember thinking that the gloves were so posh and the horseshoe of anenome flowers was beautiful (doesn't show in the old black and white photo).


  1. Awww thats a sweet photo.

    My Grandmother was obsessed with me having ringlets as a child and I often had to go to bed and suffer a night of wearing rags in my hair.

    the things we do eh? lol

  2. How strange, Darcy, that you should mention ringlets. I used to want to have my hair in ringlets, when it was longer, and mum could never get them right - she did try!! Yes, I remember the rags!

  3. OMG, what a lovely "little bride" picture!! Thanks for your comment. By the way, just a qick note to explain "First-School-Day"-traditions in Germany.
    Every Child gets a huge "Cornetto" filled with sweets and little things like pencils or nice rubbers
    (or alarmclocks..*smile* ) as a gift at its first day at school.
    Don´t ask me why...but it is a nice tradition since ages.

  4. Lovely photo Hazel. You look beautful. What a lovely memory to share with us. X

  5. What a beautiful photo Hazel.
    Definately one crying out to be scrapped : )
    Will keep this in mind for when I do the next JB challenge : )
    lis xx

  6. Oh I loved being a bridesmaid and so I really understand about those gloves :-) The horsehoe is beautiful . . . maybe one day you could try copying the image and very gently "tinting" it :-)

    You look lovely, a real little girl :-)

    Sue . . . remebering rags and tears all too well !

  7. awww bless!
    what a fab photo - your LO above is lovely too Hazel


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