Monday 28 December 2009

Birthday card for John

I know I'm not the only cardmaker that finds it difficult to get on and make a card for one of our nearest and dearest. John's birthday is on Wednesday and I didn't really want to leave it till tomorrow to make his card as we are up at Guy's again in the morning.

It's difficult to think of something different, especially when you've been making cards for years. And now, because of poor health, John has so little that he can do that it's hard to think of a 'theme' for his card. But he does still love following sport, particularly rugby (hence the card I showed the other day that I made for mum to give him) and cricket, so I thought I'd base my card around that. When making a card for John I have to bear in mind that detail is lost with him having such poor vision, so I've just used photo toppers and Craft creations papers.

This week challenge 71 on My time to craft is 'Z folds' - I haven't made this style of card for ages, so thought it would be good to use it for John's card. And another one for Little red wagon 8: 'man cards'.

So here I am, one whole day and a bit ahead of myself!! ( ... but I still haven't bought him anything yet ... think he might have to have an I.O.U.)


  1. Yes I agree Hazel men's cards are notoriously difficult to do especially those nearest to us I feel.

    You have done a great job though. John will love it.


  2. Merry Christmas. Its very nice Hazel ,I`m sure John will love it xx

  3. Great cards Hazel, love the cricket theme, I am actually watching England and South Africa test match whilst writing this - I too love cricket. I am sure John will be thrilled with his card. Thanks for joining in the challenge at MTTC this week, have a lovely New Year.

    Pat xx

  4. WEll done on a Men's Card....really tricky to do, tfs :)

  5. That's great Hazel, nice big colourful images for John to see.

  6. Great card Hazel ... i have to confess i find it that difficult i buy mine lol
    love maddy xxx

  7. It is very valuable answer

  8. Wow--that's a great card!!! He'll love it and be so proud he has a talented wife!
    Hugs, Cindy Adkins


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