Monday, 5 March 2007

No time for crafting today

The only thing that I did today that was remotely crafty was to tidy up a bit from the chaos that I created finishing off Helen's circle journal. I've got quite a few ideas buzzing in my head and will try tomorrow to fit in some time to do something about them.

I've joined up to do another cj on CBC - this time I've chosen the theme "What a day!". I've also signed up to take part in the chain card swap, which is a crafty version of 'Chinese whispers'!

I also need to finish some Inchies for a swap and also some ATCs.

So, with preparing for my sale on Saturday, and with all these other challenges to see to, I think I'm going to be busy (especially as there is more to life than crafting - other things that take a higher priority).

When I come back next time I'm hoping to be able to say that I've achieved some of the above.

Happy crafting, everyone!