Wednesday 29 October 2014


I missed taking part in WOYWW for a couple of weeks because we were having our carpets taken up and laminate flooring laid instead. All my boxes had to be moved out and then back again - I didn't even do any crafting for a week.

Anyway, I am gradually getting back to normal, but it's always a tussle between organising everything and getting necessary crafting done - quite a lot of design team stuff and also I have a sale for Tearfund here on 8 November (help ... that's soon!).

So here I am for WOYWW 282 - click the link and join in the fun!

This is what's to the left of where I sit - there are some cards I made last night, seven of them - broadband was down, so I had no distractions! And some other bits for potential cards.

On the other side, some more bits and pieces that might be used on future cards - and, no, there's no chocolate in the bag, just scraps of paper.

But the 'piece de la resistance' today is what was delivered this morning - I've just assembled them:

They are to replace this, which is a bit broken in parts, but will be moved up to the summerhouse so that when I craft up there in the summer I'll be able to house a few things.

This means I'll need to empty out all the little boxes stored in this and change things around to use the drawers in the new units. I'm planning on swapping some stuff from the boxes in my other units to put in the drawers. Oh, if only there was more time and no other things to do in life!!

When everything is sorted (ha ha!!) I'll show photos of the whole room. Atm you can see glimpses of the new flooring - much more practical than the carpet.