Saturday, 23 February 2008

Easter cards

A while ago, when it seemed like a good idea, I decided to have a pre-Easter sale of cards in aid of TEAR Fund (I usually do this at this time of year) - inviting folk for a coffee and a browse. Anyway, what with one thing and another - particularly John's ongoing foot problems and my back (which has been pretty dire for the last ten days or so). So I need to have everything ready for Saturday 8 March (two weeks from today now and it will be over!). Trying to ignore the pain in the back which has been pretty unresponsive to the strong painkillers, I decided to get on and try and make some cards today.

I's a bit like trying to walk through treacle - I seem to be struggling a bit to make anything much atm.

Anyway, these are pretty simple cards and most of the bits that went on to them were either stamped and ready (some have been in a box since last Easter) or ready-made embellies.

When they first came into the shops I bought some Papermania Easter papers (it seemed a good idea at the time) - now I have properly looked through the pads (of course, in the shop they are packaged), I've discovered there are quite a few that I won't be using. But I've made a determined effort to actually use some of them.

The photos are awful because I've just taken them with flash (too impatient to wait until the light's better tomorrow) - so here they are: