Wednesday 11 May 2011


Well, it's Wednesday again - and the day has nearly gone already - we were up at Guy's this morning for a foot health appointment for John and somehow the time since we got back has gone very quickly - so, it's time for WOYWW 101.

Update: it's nearly Thursday now and I still hadn't completed this post! (I stopped to do my Salt LO for tomorrow - more about that then).

I didn't take part in WOYWW last week because I was in the middle of having a really good sort out of my craft stuff - on reflection, perhaps I should have shown what a muddle I was in then. Anyway, I've had the biggest sort out I've had since this room was fitted out - which, unbelievably, was nearly four years ago - it doesn't seem that long.

Every box etc has been sorted (and I was a bit ruthless with what I kept and didn't some for the grandchildren and some for the charity shop - and some for the recycling paper bin). Everything is now properly labelled.

So, my actual worktop is clear of any crafting atm - a lot of photos to share today, mainly because I want to keep them as a reminder of what this room can look like when it's organised - not that the workspace will stay clear like this - in fact it's already been covered with various items since taking the photos.

This is an overall view of where I sit to craft, including my new very comfortable chair (the old one I had was comfortable, but was bought about 25 years ago ... a new one was needed). This chair will go up a bit higher than the previous one, which gives me a much better position at the keyboard and for crafting, so you will notice there is now a box on the floor to put my feet on because they don't reach the floor with the chair at the right height. Because I don't need to use the pull-out shelf for the keyboard, I've got items on there that are in use a lot, so they are handy when I need them.

I needed to buy a couple more Really Useful Boxes for inside my big cupboard (photo further down) and while I was at Rymans I saw some little folding crates that are made by RUB - only 99p each - thought they would come in handy, but as yet I don't know what I'm going to use them for - you can see them here near my rotating 'lazy susan' with my copics and promarkers etc.

To the right of where I sit there is a couple that has two pull-out shelves - originally to house my printer and craft robo (which I'm going to sell because I don't use it now - have got the large cricut). Quite a while ago I got a wireless network printer, so that sits the other side of the room out of the way. This means that I can use the pull-out shelves for other things, so I've got my boxes of scrap offcuts and inserts at the top and boxes of flowers sorted into colours and types and envies on the bottom shelf.

To the left of where I sit there are four drawers - I've even sorted and tidied them:

And further to the left is a corner cupboard - the door is open in this picture - the space goes much further back in to the left, so there is a trolley and things I don't use often stacked away.

The inside of my big cupboard:

This room originally, of course, was the 'spare' room which housed a couple of put-you-up beds, so they are still in here, covered with a Laura Ashley throw that matches the curtains - this gives me another surface to use. The boiler is in the corner of this room, but I have my back to it while crafting, so I don't have to sit and look at it - and it does mean this is the warmest room in the winter, which I love. You'll notice I also have to give some space to our linen bin and cushions for our garden chairs.

I am very fortunate to have such a lovely space to craft in (especially as our whole maisonette isn't very big). Today I haven't shown much of the shelves above my workspace - where I house most of my wooden stamps. I've now ordered a couple of extra shelves so that will enable me to spread the stamps out a bit and/or get more!

I'm also sharing this on Shopping our stash, a new challenge blog that is asking for us to show our workspace.