Sunday, 23 September 2007

Simple but profound

These are cards I made yesterday - made them in batches, ready for putting into packs of 5 for Saturday. They are very simple but both carry the profound message of what Christmas is about. The photos are terrible and don't show the cards as they are irl. The ones in gold have been embossed with fine detail gold and so the writing looks shiny, which doesn't show at all in the photos.

I'm feeling rough today - a cold developed Friday night (thanks to John for being so generous!). We would normally be out at church now, but just not fit enough to be there.

And since Thursday we've had no buses either into Bromley or Orpington, because there was a burst water main on our main road, very close to where we live, and the road has been closed since. They're still working there, but we have no idea when everything will be back to normal. Our water was cut off for about four hours, so hardly any inconvenience, but for public transport we are stranded.

HS:MS S.O.S. 5

Let's see your best pic's everyone!

I've chosen two photos I took while strolling along by the beach when we were in Bognor Regis earlier this year: