Monday 20 August 2012

A mammoth catch up

When I started Suzie's 365 photos at the beginning of the year I was determined that I would take a photo every day - it all went (more or less) well until 22 July - because I had shingles I just couldn't concentrate or bother to take the photos, so I have lagged behind. Over the past week or so I've been getting together photos for the prompts I've missed and now I'm just about ready to catch up.

I don't expect anyone to take any notice of this because if you started at the beginning I'm sure you would be asleep by the end of the blogpost, so this really is just for my own benefit.

So, here goes:

Day 204: one:

Day 205: nine:

Day 206: 1, 2, 3:

Day 207: multiples:

Day 208: infinity:

Day 209: fire:

Day 210: rings:

Day 211: heavy - it's amazing how heavy reams of paper can be:

Day 212: dive (cheating a bit, but the swan had just dived!):

Day 213: stronger - John's definitely stronger than I am:

Day 214: faster (everyone seems to get faster and faster these days - people dashing here there and everywhere in the shopping centre or eating 'fast' food):

Day 215: point:

Day 216: joy - Mum on her 90th birthday:

Day 217: anger - this is a set up of John trying to look angry (he doesn't really do 'angry') - I was laughing so much I couldn't get a better photo - I gave up in the end because every time I tried he was smiling instead of looking angry:

Day 218: happiness:

Day 219: frustration - I think Chloe was getting frustrated at not being able to get further:

Day 220: relief - relief to find somewhere to sit down!:

Day 221: hope - Faye hopes her meal will come soon!:

Day 222: determination - John is only walking again after much determination, considering he couldn't move at all three years ago:

Day 223: higher:

Day 224: gold:

Day 225: exhaustion:

Day 226: silver - with red at Christmas:

Day 227: bronze:

Day 228: unity - sisters (not a clear photo, but I still love it):

Day 229: teamwork:

Day 230: curves:

Day 231: circular:

Day 232: square:

Day 233; triangular: