Thursday, 19 April 2007

Gosh, it's over a week since I blogged!

Oh gosh - what a week!! By the weekend the pain in my back was a little easier and at least I was able to get out to church Sunday morning. On Monday I was told that the GP wanted to see me because he'd got the xray results back and when I visited on Tuesday morning he gave me the news that I've got osteoporosis and have a fractured vertebra.

This means that I have to make a few changes in life, particularly my commitments within the church leadership - not an easy decision, but a sensible conclusion.

I know that this is a crafting blog, but I just felt that I wanted to say something to explain my absence and I apologise to any reading this who already know all this (not that I'm expecting many people to be reading it!)

I started medication this morning for the osteoporosis, which is a bit of a morning regime that I'm sure I'll get used to and take in my stride in time.

Thank you to all those who are supporting me in so many ways - you know who you are.

As for crafting, it's good to still have an outlet for creativity and I'm developing ways of doing things that will put as little strain on my back as possible. My mum (bless her) has said she'll buy me a proper crafting laptray (I've seen one on the Lakeland site that I'm going to order) to replace the smaller ordinary one that I've got.

Today John was out for a while, so he got some boxes out for me and put little tables around my armchair (oh how I love my Stressless armchair - one of the best decisions we made years ago to buy a Stressless settee and chairs) and the theory was that I would spend the time sorting some of my boxes of offcuts into various colours etc to get a bit more organised. Well I have to confess that I haven't got very far with that!

So, sorry for all the waffle - and no pictures to show you (although in the past week or two I've done a few cards, but nothing special enough to show).

I now have the next CBC CJ to work on - the subject is 'music that moves me' and the standard of what's been done in the journal so far is so high that I really don't know what I'm going to do.

I signed up for the ATC swap on CBC which this month is 'gentle giraffe' - I have an idea of what I'm going to do, but still got plenty of time yet.

One of the things I'm really having to watch with my back is my time at the computer. This has always been a problem because of the top of my back hurting, but now that I know that I have a fracture I really have got to take care. So if anyone sees me spending too long on one of the crafty forums - boot me off!!! - gently, of course, 'cause I don't want any more broken bones!