Thursday 10 April 2008

HS:MS secure

Today's prompt on HS:MS: 'Something that is fixed or fastened so as not to give way. Find something secure in your space today.'

I've only just been able to get these shots. The gardeners were here (sounds posh, doesn't it - we have someone to do the grass cutting and hoeing etc because we can't do it) - and I didn't want to be seen taking odd pictures (it's bad enough that the neighbours see me wandering around taking strange aim with my camera!).

The first one is the padlock on our garden shed:

The next one is a little cupboard at the back of the maisonette - there's a water tap inside and a few bits and pieces. I'm not sure why there's a bolt as well as a padlock!

And, hopefully, this is the most secure of the three of them:

Salt: His Presence

It's time for another Salt challenge - and my, how the weeks go by. Last time I said that I wouldn't leave it to the last day this time, but actually it was a good job I did, because our day out on Tuesday gave me inspiration for my contribution - a LO based on some of our sightseeing with the grandchildren.

Gillian chose the theme of His Presence and this is what she said:

His Presence
what does God's presence mean to you?
Does it mean Comfort in time of loss,
Strength when you face a battle,
Reassurance that you Walk the Good Walk...

or is it something you need to accept,
is it something you want to be more open too.

Joshua 1:5
No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life.
As I was with Moses, so I will be with you;

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

there are many other verses that speak of God's presence in our lives here are a few.

Matthew 18:20, John 6:37, Romans 8:38-39

as we do each challenge the design team have created some beautiful pieces
and we'd love you to join in with us

In whatever creative form you feel lead to create in, it could be a Scrapbook LO, card, ATC, journal entry, or whatever else you can think of it's really up to you :)

Post your piece onto your blog, with a link to Salt then come and leave us a comment with your link so we can come and share your art.

Please take a look at Salt

Talking with the children about the flag flying when the Queen is at Buckingham Palace got me thinking of the kids' chorus: 'Joy is the flag flown high from the castle of my heart when the King is in residence there' and the fact that Jesus said that He is always with us, even to the end of the age.

I used Center City Designs Imagination project papers for the background: midtown south '5 minute cab ride' and 'walk on Madison Avenue' (where do they get these titles from?!?) Lots of K & Co letters, some dymo tape with my Letratag and a couple of chipboard pieces for the K and crown. The wording says:

"Yesterday we met up with Mandy and the girls and went sightseeing. At Buckingham Palace we explained that if the Queen was there the flag would be flying. Joy is the flag flown high from the castle of my heart when the King is in residence there. Jesus said: I am always with you."

I was tagged

Ruth tagged me (I've done one very similar before, so I'm probably repeating myself, although I can't remember what I wrote before!):

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Getting used to being 50!

On my to-do list today:

Tidy my craft stuff (always seems to be on the list as soon as I do any crafting), go to the chemist and pick up prescription, go to the post office, perhaps go with John to his bowls club meeting (boring, so I might stay at home and craft instead)

Snacks I enjoy:

This is a difficult one, not because I can’t answer it, but because the realisation of eating too many of them (in fact, eating too much fullstop) is causing me to think again. My passion is dark chocolate – the darker and more expensive the better (but I’m hereby declaring that I’m not going to keep giving in to it).

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:

Give to charities, buy houses for family members, generally treat as many people as possible to whatever would make life more comfortable for them, including my mum.

Three of my bad habits:

Sitting too long at my computer (it’s not good for my back and John sometimes has to nag me)
Eating too much dark chocolate (see above!)
Don’t think I’m going to confess to the rest

Five places I have lived:

Dovercourt (Harwich, in Essex)
Catford (South East London)

Although I’ve only lived in these three towns, I’ve lived at eleven different addresses in all.

Five jobs I have had:

Secretary for a plastics firm – two different locations
Casual worker at the PO Christmas holidays when I was a student (mature)
Agency temping (secretarial) when I was a student – in a bank and a solicitor’s office

Five people I'm tagging (although I expect some have already done this - feel free to ignore):