Tuesday, 23 October 2007

JB Friday night challenge 19 October

JB Friday night challenge 19 October: Santa baby: 'Your challenge is to make another five cards featuring Mr Claus himself.'

JB big challenge 6

JB big challenge 6: tagged!: 'Ok a Nice Simple Challenge for you all
I guess we all need to make tags for all those Christmas Presents?
So I am challenging you to make 3 Tags to start with - And if you would like to get a bit more organised and make more ........ well you can do this challenge up to 3 times for a point a go.'

Here are my three goes:

JB challenge 12

JB big challenge 12: 'This challenge is all about getting down to earth.
I would like you to make something but in the colours of the land or sea or both.'

I'm not sure whether this fits the bill or not for this challenge, but I made a couple of quick seaside cards - I can't see them being used though till next summer!

JB big challenge 4

JB big challenge 4: it's a sign: 'and we would like to see a wall hanging, plaque or sign call it what you will




JB big challenge 8

JB big challenge 8: continue the design: 'This is a LO challenge. I would like you to continue the design/pattern of the papers you choose to use.'

This was a tough challenge set by Lisa and I know I haven't done it justice, but I've had a go:

JB big challenge 13

JB big challenge 13: literacy and numeracy: 'we would like you to make something with


you can make anything you like.'

This is my response to this challenge set by Sue. Three simple cards that open sideways landscape (makes a change:

JB big challenge 2

JB challenge 2: hang it on the tree: 'Your challenge is to make a Christmas decoration to hang on the tree . Your decoration can be made however you like, as long as it hangs, and is small enough to go on the tree.'

This is my response to Nicky's challenge:

Very simply, three trees folded and stuck together to form a 3D tree, decorated with Poundland bling!

JB big challenge 15

JB big challenge 15: pink guy: 'Your challenge should you chose to accept it is to create a layout that features a man and the colour pink...honestly not as hard as it sounds...for all those non scrappers you need to make a male card that has a splash of pink on it.'

The photo on this hasn't come out very well (is OK in the original) - John's tie really is pink:

JB big challenge 9

JB big challenge 9: crafty storage: 'Ok so a "Tart" challenge for you all
Your challenge is to alter something for your craft room to make pretty storage.
So any container, pot, jar etc that you already have - we want to see it looking pretty. Please share before and after photos.'

I started off with a tin that had Clarins 'give-away' cosmetics in it:

I used a blend of stonewashed, wild plum and stream alcohol inks on the lid and covered the sides with one of the DCWV pocket full of posies paper, added blooms and navy gingham ribbon and a 'cottons' sign:

JB big challenge 14

JB big challenge 14: snow: 'we would like you to make a card using the word

SNOW yup another Christmas card and anyone who makes 3 cards will get an extra loyalty point - remember YOU have LOADS to make.'

First card has a lovely sheen to the paper that just doesn't show on the photo:

HS:MS indigo and pink (or purple!)

Yesterday's HS:MS: 'Our penultimate colour for the rainbow theme is Indigo. Give me your Indigo.'

I don't really know whether you'd call this indigo, but I think it's the nearest I've got. Awful photos (taken quickly, with my reflection - didn't manage to get anything done yesterday, so have done these today speedily):

and this is taken from the top:

Today: 'Not essentially last in the rainbow (like Violet is) but its a shade of Indigo and that would be just too boring. I know you can find us some pink.'

I wasn't sure until I switched on whether we were going for violet, purple or pink, so here is a bit of variety - some of my 'really useful boxes':

And lastly, here are some pink socks I bought this morning at the chemist while I waited for my prescription to be done: