Saturday, 15 December 2007

Just when I thought I was nearly there ...

This afternoon I made a list of the outstanding Christmas cards that I still need to make - at least twelve. I then listed the birthday cards that need to be done before Christmas - another twelve (includes a phone call from a neighbour asking me to make a special one for her sister). We have so many family birthdays around Christmas time - I've already done three or four of the 'special' ones. Oh and I need to make a wedding card by Monday.

I managed today to get into Bromley for a brief time and get the rest of the presents I needed (I shop for the ones mum gives as well as our own) - back has been really playing up today - so disappointing.

Enough whinging - this is a crafty outlook, not a moaning one!


Here we are again - it's SPS day on HS:MS, so here's my offering for today - antique effect (very appropriate for me!) and darkened slightly:

And still no puddle in my space (no, I can't get Josey to oblige!)