Thursday 18 September 2008

Big Ben

I thought I'd show a picture I took this afternoon as we left St Thomas' hospital after John's eye appointment. I was just glad that my back is feeling a bit better and I was able to go with him - I hadn't been out for a week.

If you want to see a much, much better picture of Big Ben, then go to HS:MS and see Anita's fab photo.

Meanwhile, here's mine:

HS:MS big

'Of considerable size, extent or intensity. Show us something big in your space today!'

My first thought for this was 'big toe', my second thought was 'I'm not showing mine', but I found a willing victim:

I've amended this post to exclude the other picture because of a comment made. I realise that by doing this, anyone now looking will probably think it was much worse than it was - just a picture of John's foot with a block where the second toe was. It's a pity that the person who made the comment chose to remain anonymous.