Wednesday 8 October 2014


It's that day of the week when we show our workspaces and have a snoop to see what others are doing - it's WOYWW 279. Why not click the link and join in!

I'm doing a charity sale at friends' house on Saturday, so I've been busy getting ready for it. On the left you can see a box full of Christmas cards and there are still two piles of them that need to have inserts and bagged and labelled. Boxes ready for Saturday tend to get scattered around as I have three boxes ready on the dining table.

There are also piles of other cards waiting for attention, including an anniversary card that needs to be written and posted.

There isn't so much to the right of where I sit - mainly because I need to use the Scan n Cut in a while and it won't be so much to move - a couple of small piles of cards to be bagged up and in the far corner sticky notes ready to have their covers put on - easy to cut the covers on the Scan n Cut using offcuts of card that are scanned in first to be able to position where I want to cut - and much more accurate than using the guillotine. The Scan n Cut will, of course be moved forward and away from the curtain when I use it ... which must be soon!

Incidentally, my mouse mat is a pad of paper - I bought it from Wilkinson's a while ago - it was done up in cellophane and labelled as a 'mouse mat' so I didn't realise it was a pad of paper till I undid it. But, oh, how useful it is - I can jot things down on it, try out stamps on it ... and when it's too grubby, just tear a sheet off and I have a fresh clean start again. And, surprisingly, it does act well as a mouse mat - the mouse glides on it perfectly. And, as a bonus, I keep promising myself that I'll use one of the papers for a male card (I bought some other matching stuff at the same time, but still haven't used it) - too many ideas, too little time!

I must get going with getting these jobs done ... but first, a cup of coffee.

Thank you, everyone who visited and left comments last week - much appreciated.