Tuesday, 18 December 2007

'No room for a baby'

This afternoon I went round to the local school (where I used to be chair of governors and have friends who work there, including the headteacher). Anyway, the upper school put on a performance of 'No room for a baby' by James Wright (you can get a taste of what the play was about here:

It was an extremely well performed play - and one that brought a lump to the throat - very moving.

The children wore T shirts and each one had a country's flag on the front and a youngster's name on the back and the date that they went missing.

The afternoon was one that drew attention to the plight of homelessness. Well done, children and staff for staging such an excellent event.

HS:MS drawer and glass

Yesterday's HS:MS prompt was 'drawer': 'A sliding storage compartment. Find 'drawer' in your space today.'

The first thing I thought of was a photo I shared once before:

but then I thought that would be cheating, so I took this one:

Today on HS:MS: 'glass': 'Hard, brittle and transparent. Find 'glass' in your space today.'

I suppose this is almost a cheat, but I thought it was time to show that I have at last got something Christmassy in my space (and the lights are glass, even if the baubles aren't really):