Friday, 28 September 2007

Lighthouse ATCs

These ATCs are for this month's swap on Crafts by Carolyn. They are very simple (perhaps because I was running out of time!):

Lemon and Lime ATCs

The theme for this month's ATC swap on Tanda Stamps is 'lemon and lime'. I had the mad idea of using real lemon slices to stamp and emboss. Here are the results.

The first photo is flash and reflects the light, but probably shows up the detail of the lemon stamping better than the non-flash photo below it:

Well I tried something different!

Zigzag cards

The last couple of days I've been sorting out what I've got ready for the sale tomorrow. I found that I'd got more unfinished symphonies than Schubert - many more! I had lots of tags that I'd prepared ready to put on cards, but never had - so I've now got 32 more cards, having made these up.

I found up these little zigzag cards and thought I'd do something with them, so, a few blooms and bits and here they are (photos are terrible, it's so dull and rainy, which doesn't account for me chopping the tops of some of the cards - they do all go to a point at the top):

I'm having to be very careful today because I was in severe pain again last night with my back - there seems to be another area that's caved in a bit more, so I think there's possibly another vertebra fractured - there's not much I can do about preventing them, other than wrap myself in cottonwool! I even have to ask John to pick things up from the floor if I drop them - he's so good, bless him.

HS:MS cushion

Soft furnishing to adorn a chair. Show us cushion in your space.

It was quite hard to take a photo of one of my favourite cushions on my armchair, because it's raining and the light is terrible, but I suppose it was good for me to try and get it right (not that I succeeded). The material of the cusion has a sheen to it and the circles are different materials, including velvet - the light has reflected on some of the circles: