Thursday 17 September 2009

Salt: Listening to God

It's Salt challenge day today - how the weeks go by!

It was Tanis' turn to choose the topic and you can read what she wrote about Listening to God here.

Nowadays, I lead a relatively quiet life - I'm at home most of the time because of God being so poorly and needing support - apart from visits to hospital, which involve ambulance travel with plenty of traffic noise. However, it's amazing that even so, there is still quite a bit of noise in our lives, whether it be the radio, TV, computer ... or the phone ringing, to name but a few noises that are daily occurrences.

And it isn't just noise that stops us from being quiet and listening to God - it's the general 'busy-ness' of our lives, whether that's out at work etc or, like us, indoors - there always seems to be something to do.

So, it's necessary to make time to pray, not only to talk to God, but also to be quiet for long enough to reflect upon what He is saying to us, whether it's through His word, the Bible, through what others minister to us or to that 'still, small voice' that communicates to us deep within our soul.

My LO has sought to depict some of the noise distractions that are part of modern everyday life and our need to find quietness. I used a plain piece of black 12 x 12 and the light strips are BG Urban Couture Lustra. The hymn I've used is one that I find beneficial for quiet reflection.

Please click on the picture so that you can read the hymn and the journalling.

Please pop over to Salt to see the lovely crafting of the fellow members of the team and perhaps visit their individual blogs to read what they have to say about this topic. And it would be lovely to hear your response - either leave us a comment or give us a link to the crafting that this has prompted you to do.