Thursday 2 April 2009

365 Day 33

On 365 cards today the challenge is 'white space': 'I would like to see you use only the top 1/3 or the bottom 1/3 of your card, leaving the other 2/3 blank.'

Mmmmm I think I've almost managed it.

I needed to make a couple of quick 'new home' cards, so what better than these. The first one just involved mounting a sticker on a couple of mats and the second one could easily have been done by a 4 year old - the cottage was bought just like that (it's been in my box of bits waiting for the day that it could be used).

I've also made a few more Easter cards this evening - about seven I think, but it's too late to scan/photo them - perhaps tomorrow, depending on time.
In the morning I need to make a few sympathy cards to fill the gap ready for my cards going along to WEF to hopefully raise a bit more money for Tearfund.

New Postage prices from 6 April

Thought I'd just give this a mention.

Info here.

Some steep increases.

John's just gone to the shop over the road to buy up some stamps.

This will effect the sales of thicker cards - I think I might now be considering making more cards without chipboard etc. The cost of a 1st class large stamp is going up from 52p to 61p - that's quite a big increase! (and it's not long ago that it went from 48p to 52p).

Salt: Easter

I found this Salt challenge difficult to do, not the subject matter, because Easter is so much at the heart of the Christian gospel, but the crafting for it.

Esther chose the theme for this time and you can read what she said and see the fabulous crafting of the rest of the DT here.

I did one LO that ended up in the bin - I'd tried to handwrite on it and it turned out as rubbish, so I went back to the drawing board and did something completely different.

The cross was cut from a 'Me and My Big Ideas' paper 'denim cross' (I'd originally intended to use the whole 12 x 12, but the rest of it went in the bin, so all I rescued was the cross).

The base paper is Pink Stems Garden from Colorflowers II Collection by Jennifer O'Meara, with her 'Garden Sunset' overlayed with the printed texts.

John 3:16 is a verse that I learned when I was so young I can't remember when it was - what profound truth it contains.