Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Salt: God's astounding grace

Heartfelt greetings to all our visitors! We continue to be encouraged by those that visit, leave comments, and join with us in using the gifts that God has so graciously bestowed upon us to create projects focused on His goodness and attributes! It has been a blessing to join with you in this endeavor!

This week it's my (Kim) turn to set the challenge and since I've had a song running through my head, "Grace by which I Stand", for the past few weeks, I chose:

God's grace

God provides us with a measure of grace each and every day, to face hardships, to grant us patience and forgiveness, to strengthen us in a time of temptation....but most importantly God's grace delivers us from the bondage of our sins by enabling us to trust in Christ as Savior. I am encouraged by this description of grace from D. Scott Meadows' booklet, "God's Astounding Grace" and pray that it might be a blessing to you as well:

"The word grace is a kind of shorthand for the whole sum of unmerited blessings, which come to men through Jesus Christ. Primarily, it describes what we, for want of a better expression, have to call a "disposition" in the Divine nature; and it means the unconditioned, undeserved, spontaneous, eternal, stooping, pardoning love of God."

Amen and Amen! Surely, God's free gift of grace can cause us to sing His praises each and every day!

We pray that our challenges are a blessing to you and ask that if you'd like to create a "Grace" themed project to leave a comment, with a link back to your gallery or blog, so that we might share and rejoice with you! Please enjoy the work below that our team has created based on this week's theme.

Please take a look at Salt

I decided to do a LO based on Ephesians 1:7 and a well-known acrostic of the word GRACE. I used a papermania vertical strips background paper. The lettering is from a jumbo pack of DCWV that I bought ages ago (they come out of storage now and again) - I backed the GRACE letters and mounted with silicone so that they are raised, although they don't look it in the photo. The crosses are a See-D Easter stamp and the chipboard pieces are part of a box bought last week from QVC: 30 Sheets of Chipboard Punch Out, Alphabets, Words, Icons & Shapes (will keep me going for a while!):

Some ATCs

I thought it was a good idea when I signed up to take part in the CBC and Tanda monthly ATC swaps - plenty of time to get them done - ha ha - here I am at the end of the month and having to get them done on the last day.

The swap on CBC this month is 'numbers' so I went with the 'vital statistics' and produced these:

The Tanda swap is 'A question of Sport', so I chose golf and football. The golf stamps are See-Ds and the football boots are Tanda:

I'm more pleased with the top two than the others. For the background of the golf one I sprayed the card with Adirondac Color Wash lettuce (first time I've used it - need more practice!!)

Must now get on with my contribution for the new Salt challenge which will be launched tomorrow morning.

At least I've done a bit more crafting.

I've been neglecting HS:MS photos for a while - did a catch up recently and resolved that I'd get back into the swing of it, but ...

Sunday, 27 January 2008

DLO for Kathy's lovely CJ

I am so grateful to the girls on Bumbleberries - it's time to post CJs tomorrow and I have to confess that I still haven't felt like doing any crafting - so, earlier this afternoon, I made myself tackle Kathy's gorgeous CJ and do my DLO. And it's strange, because the title is 'My Comfort Zone' and somehow using some of my favourite papers helped me get some motivation for getting it done. I didn't actually eat any chocolate this afternoon though, although the box was from a few days ago. When I told John what the subject of the CJ was he said straight away that chocolate must have got a mention! (Don't tell my doc though, because I have high cholesterol - but there's a bit of a debate over chocolate and it seems that good dark chocolate is good for you - so that's my excuse!).

The papers are Basic Grey Scarlet's letter and I've used a few pergamano white rub ons and a few blooms and brads. The wording was done on my Dymo Letratag:

Friday, 25 January 2008

At last!!

In the last week or so I've been neglecting my blog and haven't done any crafting to show anything anyway. This is partly because things have been a little different with John coming out of hospital - Wednesday taken up with another visit to Guy's, getting home at 6.30, having left in the morning - so far so good with the toe (or strictly speaking I should say 'lack of toe').

During this past week I've also been having a bit more of a turn out of some of my craft stuff, particularly knitting and cross stitch materials etc - sadly now, because of the problems with my back, I just can't sit at knitting or cross stitching, so I've come to the conclusion that it's silly to hang on to stuff that I won't use, so I've spent time putting items on Ebay (particularly as yesterday was a half-price day) - it's amazing how much time it takes to actually do the descriptions and the photos and then put them on - I'm glad I started some of the descriptions the previous day.

Anyway, today I couldn't put off the crafting any longer because we have more family birthdays on the near horizon.

The first card is one for a friend's birthday tomorrow - using one of my favourite stamps:

Then the next ones are for mum to give to three of her great granddaughters:

Then I needed to also make cards from us. The large numbers for these cards were done on the robo and the background papers are the English Paper Company:

The colours of these two are much more vivid irl:

I really don't feel into my crafting atm - the above are feeble efforts really. I'm hoping that more motivation will return soon.

Saturday, 19 January 2008


John got home at 7 this evening. He's obviously got to rest the foot, be careful, go back to clinic on Wednesday, but at least he's home. Thank you everyone for your good wishes for us - much appreciated. No crafting today!

Friday, 18 January 2008

HS:MS dangle

This morning's HS:MS prompt: 'dangle: To hang or swing loosely. Find 'dangle' in your space today.'

At first I took a photo of keys dangling on hooks, but then I thought of Josey's well-worn harness and the fact that atm she can't work because of John being in hospital - in fact, she's gone to friends for a holiday:

Thursday, 17 January 2008

John update

I know this is a crafting blog and I try as much as possible to keep it to that, but I just want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers for John - much appreciated. He had the op this afternoon and when I went to the hospital at 7 this evening he'd just been brought back to the ward. He seemed fine and had something to eat. His foot is heavily bandaged and hopefully tomorrow we'll find out what's what regarding infection etc. There were definitely four toes peeping out of the top of the bandaging, so the offending one has gone!

Two more cards

I'm trying to keep myself occupied while I wait for news of John. I've managed to make a birthday card for mum to send to my brother - with an English Paper Company paper background that also wraps round the entire back of the card, because it seemed a shame not to see all of the jobs depicted. It's a very simple card, but I just felt that the paper and the saying went well together. As with my card for my brother, I printed on the computer, edged with a chalk cat's eye blue ink and then mounted on another piece of DCWV textured:

I've also made a very simple card for John, using some Jolee's embellies - I wanted to make something but can't concentrate to do anything more complicated. (I would quite like to do a more luvvy-duvvy one - perhaps I will in a day or two - one that he doesn't display on his locker):

HS:MS catch up

I knew that I'd missed a few of the HS:MS prompts, but I hadn't realised how many! I feel like a lost sheep with John in hospital so I decided to take my camera in hand and catch up.

First is 'bling' - just some of my cardmaking 'jewels':

Next was 'steam'. I tried getting photos when the kettle was boiling, but no evidence of steam, even though it was there irl. Earlier this morning I had emptied the steam iron and put it away - not thinking about the prompt - so this one is almost a cheat, because it's the box rather than the steaming iron:

Ah, the next prompt was 'thread' - I have plenty of threads, so this one was easily done:

'Colc' - oh, I had to think about this - it is cold out, but no actual frost, so in the end there's just a picture of part of the door of our freezer:

Next is the catch up of SPS which should have been done last Saturday:

And Sunday was SOS day. I've chosen this, not because it's a good photo, because technically it's awful, but because it's one that I love and it's just right for today:

Next is 'CD':

Then 'away' - easy one to choose - John's chair:

'Indulge' - wish I'd got some expensive Hotel Chocolat bar to show - the really dark scrummy stuff, but, alas, this is the only 'indulge' I could find:

And today's prompt is 'number' - I have plenty of them in a box:

Birthday card

John's having his op today and I must admit that I couldn't sleep very well (I never do at the best of times) so I was up very early this morning and have been trying to occupy myself. For a while now I haven't really felt like crafting, but there are quite a few cards that I need to get on and make and one of them is for my brother's 65th birthday on Monday. I'm glad I needed to get this done, because now I've started crafting again I feel more motivated to continue - which is just as well, because I told mum I'd make a card for her to give to my brother.

As it's his 65th - and official retirement, although he will still be doing some work - I thought I'd use some sort of leisure theme and he enjoys his golf, so here is the card:

The background paper is from PDA - I'm not sure of the make of the golf adhesions - either K & Co or Crafty Bitz - and DCWV mat stack card printed on the computer and edged and smudged with archival sepia ink. It's a simple card, but one that came together well, so I'm pleased.

I might be back later to show others if I get motivated enough to do them.

Salt: Encouragement

For this coming fortnight it's my privilege to set the topic for the Salt challenge - here's what I've said:

It's Hazel here; it's my turn to set the challenge this time and I've chosen


Here on Salt we have been very encouraged by your comments and by the wonderful creations that you have shown us as together we have combined our faith and our love of crafting.

I love that verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:11: 'Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.' - in fact, there is so much about encouragement in those letters, and indeed, in other letters from Paul. Encouragement is such a blessing to receive and also to give.

We'd love to see your take on this challenge
so please leave us a comment when you are finished your piece,
so that we and others may see your work.

To get you inspired the team on Salt have come up with some beautiful pieces.

Please take a look at Salt

I decided to make a card for a friend who has been a great encourager. The background is a lilac parchment paper (from a pack that I bought by mistake, thinking it was card, although I should have realised why I thought it was cheap!). I stamped the swirly designs (I think the stamp is from HOTP)using Brilliance pearlescent purple (I love that colour) and embossed with pearl plum EP. I printed the 'Thank you for your encouragement' on the printer and then stuck the banner in the right place for it to print and quickly embossed with pearl plum when it came out of the printer. The vellum flowers (their beauty doesn't show up enough on the photo) I've had for ages from a QVC kit - I added a bit of depth to them by rubbing the ink pad over the back of them and embossing with the pearl plum. I finished off with a few Papermania lilac adhesive stones:

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Postie came with goodies

What a lovely surprise this morning - well, I knew that at some time I'd receive a PIF from Melissa on CBC, but wasn't sure when it would arrive, but I also got a prize from It's a Creative World.

Here is what I got from Mel:

and this is the sheet of rubber stamps I got from Maria on IACW:

I want to apologise to anyone who visits my blog, that for a while I haven't been visiting others and leaving comments as much as I'd like, but life isn't that easy. We're waiting for the phone call to say that John's got a bed at St Thomas and hopefully going up there this afternoon for him to have the op on his toe tomorrow. (I say 'hopefully', not because I want him to go, but because it would now be a disappointment to gear ourselves up and not get there.)

Thank you to all those who have left me comments and encouragement - much appreciated by us both.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Why does it have to have a title?

I've spent all evening on one card (can't show it yet because it's for the next Salt challenge which will start on Thursday morning). I seem to have lost both inspiration and confidence. Lots of bits went in the bin tonight and I've finished up with a big dollop of glue on my trousers (art institute 'dries clear' - oh my, I wonder how that will look in the morning! - fortunately they are old trousers).

There's still been no contact from Pat, so I got John to draw another name out of the hat and it's Helen (H), so the blog candy will be in the post to you, Helen, in a day or two.

Meanwhile, Pat, if you read this, please let me have your details because then I'll also send you something.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Blog candy draw winner

Pat's name was drawn as the winner last Monday evening, but there is no blog to get in touch and I'm not sure, Pat, how to get hold of you. (I thought I knew who you are, but it wasn't the person I thought).

Please get in touch with me so I can send the crafty bits to you - or if anyone knows how I can contact Pat, please let me know.

If I haven't heard anything by tomorrow evening, I'll get John to draw another name - would like to be able to send these bits to someone - and if Pat gets in touch, then I'll send some more goodies.

And I'm afraid atm I have little crafting to show, except a Thank you card for the challenge on CBC: 'It's all Greek to me: Your challenge is to make an item that includes a word or phrase from a language other than English. You might already have items to hand or you might want to handwrite or use the computer and printer - use your imagination and see where it goes!' This is a card I made with 'thank you' in a variety of langauges (printed from the computer) with primas and brads added (I've just noticed that in the photo one of the petals on the bottom prima is hiding - it's showing properly now irl!):

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Karen's CJ DLO

I received Karen's lovely CJ before Christmas and, as usual, thought I'd got plenty of time to do my DLO ... and here we are very near to the deadline!

I have to confess that crafting has taken a back seat since Christmas, for a variety of reasons, one of which is that we've had hospital visits with John, resulting in a decision to admit him, hopefully next week, to amputate a toe which has had an ulcer that's been getting worse, so I shall then be up and down to St Thomas hospital to visit him - they think he'll be there for about a week.

Anyway, this is 'my crafty outlook', so back to the matter in hand!

Karen's CJ is part of a group on Bumbleberries and is called 'surprise' - such a good idea - each person has to set the theme for the next person. The lovely Rach (turtlestres) set my theme: 'If I won the lottery' - I must say that I found this difficult to do, because not only do I not do the lottery (so therefore wouldn't win it!) but money doesn't buy happiness or health, although admittedly it can make a big difference to how comfortable you are if you are in illhealth - and we certainly wouldn't say no to a chauffeur driven car to be at our disposal!

So here is my contribution, using Jenny's creations Dizzy papers and other bits and pieces (there are a few white spots showing in the pictures - too impatient to wait - Art institute 'dries clear' glue, which, when dry, will show no white:

Monday, 7 January 2008

Blog candy winner

I wrote everyone's name on a small piece of paper and folded them all in the same way and put them in a bowl. John then stirred them around and picked one:

and the winner is:

Well done, Pat. Please let me know your details and I'll get the candy into the post for you (I've clicked on your username, but there is no access to a blog, so I need you to get in touch).

And a huge thank you to everyone for all your comments. It has been fun hearing about your worst and best purchases during 2007. I recognise a few things that I could add to both of my lists - and I'm beginning to think that perhaps I ought to get those small cuttlebug embossing folders out and have another go and actually using them!

Happy purchasing and crafting during 2008!

Happy New Year - Blog Candy

Edit: Thanks for all your interesting comments - this will be kept open until 23:00 Monday 7 January and then a name will be drawn for the blog candy. Please keep the comments coming!

As this post will be kept at the top until drawing the name for the blog candy, please scroll down to see my latest posts - thanks

Happy New Year

Well, I've now gone past 10,000 hits since I had a site meter in April (started my blog the previous month). I want to thank everyone who pops in and leaves comments - much appreciated. I've made many cyber friends during the time I've had a blog, as well as many crafting forum buddies.

The past year has been a difficult one for us in many ways, but as this is a crafty outlook I'll not dwell on any of that.

This blog candy is up for grabs (names will go in the hat and John will pick a winner):

To be in with a chance of winning the blog candy, please leave a comment on this thread, telling me what was your best craft purchase during 2007 and what was your worst.

I'll leave this post at the top for the next seven days (that's why the date on it is 7 January, whereas I'm actually posting it on New Year's Day).

I'll start the ball rolling by saying that I think my craft robo was my best purchase. As for the worst? That's a difficult one, because sometimes I get carried away and buy something and then have it waiting around in the cupboard for ages, wondering why I ever bought it! Although I do tend to use most of what I buy at some stage.

I think the worst craft purchase during 2007 has to be the little cuttlebug embossing folders - the ones that come in sets of four - it's not that I don't like them, but their use seems to be limited, whereas the bigger embossing folders are very versatile. Perhaps I ought to start another thread where you can show me what you've done with the little folders, so that I'm inspired to actually use them instead of them just lurking around in a box.

HS:MS mini catch up

Of course, Saturday, on HS:MS was Self Portrait day - all you're getting this time is hair:

Yesterday was 'Show Off Sunday' - so, here's that dog Josey again. A friend (who had been hospital at Christmas) gave Josey a late present yesterday and here she is attempting to get at the contents of the wrapper:

And today on HS:MS the topic is 'fold: To bend something over itself so that part of it covers another. Find 'fold' in your space today.'

My photo is very boring and functional - towels in the airing cupboard:

Friday, 4 January 2008

HS:MS white and perfume

Combining yesterday and today on HSMS: 'white: The opposite of black, the colour of milk or snow. find 'white' in your space today' and 'perfume: A fragrant liquid. Show us 'perfume' in your space'.

So here is one of my favourites on a white towel (which admittedly doesn't look very white because of the shadows in the photo - it is white honestly!):

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Salt: where your heart is

My word - how quickly the weeks go by. Today saw the launch of this fortnight's challenge on Salt and this is what Gillian said:

Happy New Year!
May 2008 be a year of Blessings and Growth in the Lord for you.

Hi everyone, Gillian here, and it's my turn to set the challenge for the next two weeks.
You know setting these challenges is quite a soul searching exercise.
When I chose this theme the time of year came to mind
The Start of a New Year
and so many of us make New Years Resolutions
we look at the New Year as a sign of Change & a time to Grow.
In order to Change & Grow
We must Examine
So this weeks Challenge is perhaps a verse
that may help you to examine
Please take Inspiration from the
Gospel of Matthew
Chapter 6, Verse 21
For where your Treasure is,
there your Heart will also be.
to help your creative juices along, our DT have created some amazing pieces
We'd love for you to join in with this weeks challenge
Once you've completed your piece, leave us a comment at the bottom of this post
and we'll come and view your Creations.

Please take a look at Salt

I confess that I'm a bit late in contributing to this one (sometimes life's circumstances just get in the way!), but here it is now.

I took the theme from the Psalms (particularly Psalm 19 and 119) that God's word is precious, like gold, like diamonds - a real treasure for us. The Psalmist said: 'Your word have I hid in my heart'.

I cut the template for the hanging heart container on my craft robo and then cut out lots of hearts to go inside, each with a scripture promise on it. There's room for me to make more as and when a particular scripture prompts me.