Thursday, 30 August 2007

Today's challenge cards

Some more cards for JB challenges - also adding to stock.

August challenge 8: I love my ...: 'For this challenge just simply tell us what you or LO's please.' For this I did one of my Papermania decoupage cards and added the 'I' and 'love' on the heart on the jeans, with 'Crafting buddies' so that it says 'I love crafting buddies' - and inside: 'and I'm glad you're one of them':

August challenge 18: traditional twist: 'We all know that the traditional Christmas colours are red and green...your challenge is to funk up the traditional, giving it a modern look.' I'll make a few of these ready for the packs for my sale. The main paper used is from an English Paper Company pack:

August challenge 14: word play: 'Your challenge is to play around with a word and to incorporate into a card or scrapbook layout...for example here I have change "Unique" into "You-nique".' I've had this stamped image ages (did loads of them when the stamp was circulated as part of a stamping project) and have now found a use for it:

Another JB challenge card

August challenge 11: labelz: 'I love Labels, you can find some really nice ones attached to clothes these days. Bright colours, fabric ones, ones with ribbons, some with mini safety pins, buttons.......I collect mine and thought it would be a fun challenge to see what labels we can all find and use. This challenge can be LO's or cards. I've used a label of a pair off next jeans for mine...Yours doesn't have to be off an item of clothing, but it's not to be a handmade tag or label.'

I have to admit that I usually throw labels away (will look at them differently from now on), so the only one I could find was on a new pair of trousers got for John - a small tag that says 'tailoring' (I'm sorry that you can't really see it on the photo - its done with a raised embossing that shows up well irl - honestly!) The tie is a brad. So here's the card I made last night.

New Salt Challenge: Water

The new challenge launched this morning on Salt is 'Water, Water, Everywhere'.

It was Esther's turn to set the challenge. This is what she wrote:

'Thank you to all once again who joined in the last challenge of 'Life to the Full'. We do our best to visit your blogs and look at your wonderful creations.
This is a little daunting setting a challenge, but indeed very exciting too! Without further ado the challenge for the next 2 weeks is simply...


Water is such an important element in our lives, we can't live without it, just like our Lord and Saviour! It appears in so many places in the Bible, more than I realised. Here are a few examples to get you thinking, Noah and the flood, Jesus' 1st miracle; water into wine, calming of the sea, walking on water, baptisms, fishing, washing/cleansing, rivers, pools etc. Use this inspiration in your next project, and don't forget to leave us with details so we can take a peak. Thanks.'

Please take a look at Salt

and see what others in the team have done.

We'd love to see your contribution too.

HS:MS dish

A shallow bowl or radio antenna. Find 'dish' in your space.

I couldn't choose between the two. The first one is used for grapes (but is usually tucked at the back of the cabinet - rarely used).

The second dish is one of a pair (sadly the other got broken), given to me years ago by a dear friend.