Tuesday 13 May 2008

HS:MS catch up

During the last few days - well, it's almost a week - I've failed to take part in the daily HS:MS photos.

So this is a catch up:

Spiral - this is the best I could do (couldn't start to compete with the wonderful photos shown by others for this prompt):

Then came 'square' - I have two for this - not surprisingly, they're both to do with crafting - just one of my boxes of square cards and also some of my favourite 6" x 6" paper pads:

The next prompt was 'remember' - and for this I thought of the old 'tie a knot in your handkerchief' (knowing me, if I employed this method to aid memory, I would forget why I tied the knot there in the first place):

As for lines, do you remember writing these at school (no, I'm sure you don't, because it's only 'norty' children who have to write lines). I wonder if you can guess how the lines finished:

And today is 'device': 'A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose especially something mechanical or electrical. Show us a device in your space today.' This seemed the easy option:

I'm on a winning streak!

I entered a card in the Tanda April card challenge - blue - shown here -, surprise, surprise, I won!

I was asked to choose what sheet of stamps I would like, but the package I've received also has some decoupage and lots and lots of 6" x 6" papers:

I've also heard this morning that I've won a prize on UKStampers details here

However, I'm appalled that my answer was the nearest one - so many people wasting the moderators time and energy with their bogus registrations.

Why, oh why?

Why is it that commissioned cards take sooooo long - a long time to think about them and a long time to actually make them.

Here are two cards I was asked to make. The request for the husband's card was to do something to do with classic cars - fortunately I had this decoupage, so I hope it fits the bill:

The request for the daughter's card was to include her name, 40 and pink. I decided to go for PM background paper foam PP Pink Flush and carry on the pink and brown theme. The big flower is a mixture of silk flowers (originally, I think, from Wilkinsons) and flowers cut on my cricut to match the background. Sentiments printed on computer using Lucida Calligraphy (which is an oldie font, but still a fav of mine):

Now I have a golden wedding card to make - request from another friend - thinking about that one!