Wednesday 9 April 2008

HS:MS post

We had a lovely day yesterday. I had hoped to show some photos, but have had to deal with a trojan horse on my system this morning - grrrrrrr - I'm so glad I have a daily scan scheduled and it picked it up and has now (hopefully) dealt with it.

So I've done very little this morning and now need to get on with my contribution for the new Salt challenge for tomorrow (a fortnight ago I declared that I would do it ahead of time ... this hasn't happened ... oh dear, I am a failure!)

So, all I can offer here for now is my photo for HS:MS 'post: A long sturdy piece of wood or metal, or the delivery of letters and parcels. Find post in your space today.':

In fact, today's post is really not exciting:

However, yesterday's post was great. I received my swap cards from CBC and a super RAK from Melissa:

And I also received an order of crafty goodies (including 3 tubes of silicone glue, but I haven't shown them, because they're not that exciting!):