Wednesday, 14 November 2007

CBC crew challenge: who inspires you? (another)

I made a card today for our daughter-in-law, who has just moved with the girls. This seems an appropriate card for the crew challenge on CBC: who inspires you? - as there are primas on it, I thought of 'prima flower':

Paper is from the English Paper Company.

HS:MS snip and collect

Yesterday's prompt on HS:MS was: 'To cut quickly. How us 'snip in your space.'

I intended to cut John's hair and take a picture of the clippers snipping, but because of the way the day went, it didn't get done. And John's been out at bowls today (he plays with a blind bowling club), so no haircut yet.

So I've abandoned the idea of a photo of the clippers in action (he'll probably have to wait a day or two more for his haircut) and decided instead to incorporate yesterday with today.

Today's prompt is: collect: 'To bring or gather objects together. Find 'collect' in your space today.'

Quite a while ago I bought a set of pliers from Poundland - four for a pound - absolute bargain - in the hope that I might do something with some of the beads I've got, but so far the pliers haven't been used, so it seems I collect them rather than use them!

CBC crew challenge: who inspires you?

Claire on CBC set a challenge: 'The CBC crew has very kindly allowed me to be a guest challenger this week. I recently made this card as I was inspired by *Joannes* signature poem!'

This is inspired by H (Helen):