Sunday, 16 December 2007

Getting there ...

Last night I managed to make eleven Christmas cards - not bad going, but admittedly they were all the same, so it was the case of making a production line - stamping, embossing, sticking ... This one is actually the worst of the lot (a bit of embossing powder astray in the middle), but you can get the general idea (the rest of them have now been written and sealed up):

So many of our immediate family have birthdays during the run-up to Christmas and straight afterwards (very inconvenient of them - I'm the sensible (!?) one with a birthday in August).

Here are three family cards that I've made to be given by mum. I have to admit that when in a hurry a peel-off greeting or two comes in handy, despite my non-love of them). The middle card 'birthday greetings' were cut on the robo from a template kindly supplied by Erika on UKS - I've now used this format for quite a few Christmas and birthday cards in various ways: