Sunday 25 January 2009

At the end of a difficult day

It's been a difficult and tiring day today. I had a phone call this morning to say that mum had had a fall and was being taken to A & E, so I went there to be with her. No bones broken, but she has hurt her hip area and isn't able to weightbear, so they are keeping her in to assess whether she can cope. So I got home just before 7, cooked a meal, watched a bit of TV and then decided to round off the day by making a card (just to wind down a bit).

So I've done this card for A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge 35: Oh Baby. As I hadn't taken part in their challenge 33: Sketch by Nikki, I decided to use this for the card. Here is the sketch:

The background paper is HOTP and all the other bits are from my stash.

I had to scan because photo was reflecting with the flash, which means there's shadow on the right hand side caused by the raised hearts - and the pinks are not as true as irl. The surrounds are sivler, not black.