Monday 2 June 2008

Rainy day in Colchester

As soon as we set off this morning it started to drizzle - bus to Southend Victoria - train to Shenfield and then to Colchester - bus into the town. For me, it was going back to a very familiar place in the past; for John it was a first visit. What a shame about the weather! When we got to Colchester High Street we were pleased that the rain eased and we went to see the castle and the lovely surrounding park while it was dry. So, out came my camera - only to discover that I'd left the memory card back at the hotel and the camera itself has such a small memory that was already full. So we decided to go to Boots to buy a new card - this was interrupted by John having a hypo (no worries - we found a seat and some sugar and biscuits later, all was well). By the time I got the card from Boots, the rain came on again. We walked far too much (our backs were certainly telling us this) - eventually found somewhere suitable for lunch, which was well worth waiting for.

Having got the new memory card, the rain set in so much that it was hopeless to consider returning to the castle park to take photos, so all I can show is a photo of the castle from the 'visitcolchester' website:

Oh how we wish the sky had looked like that today!

For two years I did a languages/secretarial course at Colchester tech way back when I was 16 - 18 (oh gosh, more than 50 years ago). I was born in Dovercourt (Harwich) and lived in the area until I was nearly 21, so for me it was a nostalgic trip. I did actually visit Colchester about five years ago, so had already seen all the changes in the town. I noticed that there were still some shops that were the same as 50 odd years ago.

It was a shame that John's first visit was a wash out - and tbh because of health restrictions it's not easy going out for a day like this, but we're still glad we went, although tired now.

Tomorrow is our last day here - and then home on Wednesday. It's been good to have the break away, but I am missing some home comforts, particularly my armchair! Not that I'm grumbling, because we have a larger than average hotel room (well, it's a family room) with a jumbo bed, settee, table and chairs, but my back is missing my armchair.