Sunday 13 April 2008


Sunday on HS:MS is known as SOS (Show off Sunday): 'Show off your favourite photos today!'

I make no apology for the lack of quality with these photos, but they were taken in 2002 with a poor resolution digital camera.

I've chosen these today, because yesterday would have been my mum and dad's wedding anniversary, but, sadly, dad died over four years ago.

These photos were taken on the occasion of their diamond wedding anniversary - 60 years of marriage celebrated on 12 April 2002.

The first one shows them holding the card they received from the queen:

The second one shows them with one of the huge bouquets of flowers they received - their room looked like a florist's shop within the space of a couple of hours.

To see these photos it's hard to imagine that dad was already poorly with dementia (by then he was already 84 - although I don't think he looked his age at all)and it wasn't long after this that he was admitted to hospital and then permanently to a nursing home.

I'm actually writing this Saturday evening, ready to post in the morning. Today I went over to see mum - took her some flowers - deep pink carnations (she had similar in her wedding bouquet) - dad used to buy these for her.

We're hoping that mum will feel well enough to meet us at the local Beefeater for lunch tomorrow (today by the time this is posted). She hasn't been out for quite a while - has trouble with her knees and also giddy turns and has really lost confidence, so we're hoping that she will feel up to coming out.