Saturday 18 October 2008

Cupcake Craft Challenge 9: turn up the heat

In a moment of madness the other day I ordered the TSV on QVC - the Jolly Nation decoupage etc - and this included some shrink plastic sheets with some of the JN characters.

So I decided to use the SP for the 'turn up the heat' challenge on Cupcake.

I'm not entirely happy with this because you can see a mark where I held the pokey tool to stop the SP completely curling in on itself - I wish I'd just let it stray!

Anyway, here is my toddler card (I'm not sure what this card could be used for because the child is too old for a welcome baby card - perhaps it could be used for a first birthday):

I might have a go at another one later and try not to get any dents in it!

I'm also showing this on the CBCC066 challenge: Fantastic Plastic on CBC.