Wednesday 26 January 2011

It's official!!

I should definitely stick to cardmaking.

It's just as well that my 'playtime' today was to create something just for me, because nobody else would want it!!

I showed lots of crafting supplies on my WOYWW 86 post, getting ready to decorate a canvas just for me - well, it's staying 'just for me' because I'm too embarrassed to show it here!

I still love my melting pot (oh yes, it made a good job of melting the beeswax) ... but as for the encaustic art stylus ... mm ... anyone want to buy it?

The canvas is going in the bin ... and I'm going for a much-needed cup of tea.


Yes again, Wednesday has come round again with lightning speed, so it's time for WOYWW 86.

I've just got out lots of things so that I can have a play - not sure what I'm going to achieve, but this has been sparked off by the challenge this week on DCM: it's all about me!

Long ago I bought an encaustic art stylus with the intention of trying out some crafting with beeswax heated in my melting pot ... but, until yesterday, I hadn't got round to getting any beeswax. I had been enthused originally by watching Suze Weinberg's videos - and, so, at last, I thought I'd try and put some of my enthusiasm into action.

I might or might not use the supplies in front of me - I'll see how it goes and how the mood takes me. If and when I make anything that is remotely presentable, I'll share it later.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be creative for the sake of it - it will make a change from making things for other people.

You'll notice that I'm going to be working on a canvas (something I'm not that comfortable with, but, hey, I need shaking out of my comfort zone) - it's about 11.5" x 9.5", so quite a nice size to be able to try out lots of techniques and hope that they come together - lol! And it was only £1 from Poundland, so nothing much lost if it turns out to be a distaster.

Update: you can read about the results of my 'playtime' here.