Thursday 25 December 2008

Christmas Day!!!

The day has arrived (and how quickly that happened!)

All has been revealed this morning - I now know that my secret Santa on BF is Paddy - thank you so much for all the goodies that I've enjoyed throughout December and for today's present of stickers and papers and the lovely card:

I was also in a secret Santa group on CBC and I've received this cross stitch kit:

I used to do a lot of cross stitch, but last year, because of my back, I sold off a lot of my materials, including a big project that I just couldn't finish. But this one is small enough for me to pick up and do without a big frame or anything, so I will be able to do it - and I'll show it on here when I've completed it. Thank you, secret Santa! (This time the sender isn't revealed).

Now I must get off here and back to the kitchen! I prepared all the veg last night and this morning have made stuffing mixed with sausage meat (the lower fat version, of course!) and sausages wrapped in bacon.

If you happen to stumble this way among the festivities, I hope you have a good day.