Tuesday 8 April 2008

Great minds think alike!

Just went back to HS:MS and saw that Di had left hers - her BIA! I obviously didn't get in quick enough!

HS:MS lever

This is 'silly o'clock' for me to be doing this! I said that I would join in HS:MS again and today we are going out for the day - meeting up with DIL and children in London - to see Big Ben and 'where the queen lives'! As an aside, we hope and pray that the showers hold off and that John and I will be able to walk around as much as is needed - buses in between - particularly as neither of us have really been out on this scale for months - plenty of painkillers!

Anyway, back to the HS:MS word for today: 'lever: A bar resting on a pivot used to help move a heavy load. Find a lever in your space today.'

Perhaps it's a bit early in the morning, but I found it hard to think of what I could use for this.

Then I remembered a very important lever:

As it is housed inside a cupboard it doesn't get much attention, as you can see from the dust, but it does its job and we're glad it does.

However, the next one is a much nicer lever - on my BIA: