Friday 9 April 2010

And here's another ...

I've used yet more of those die cuts from the 'music and dance' kit I bought from QVC (thinking it was a good idea at the time ...).

Anyway, Paperminutes challenge 108 is 'film and television' so this is a card for any fan of Strictly Come Dancing.

It's like a gatefold card, but overlaps in the middle, which was just right for the two panels of dancing couples (excuse the paperclip on the first photo)

Just like buses ....

I hadn't shown a card for over a week and then ... two come along at once! Again, this one is very simple - nothing much involved except sticking!

This is another card made with some of the die cuts from a kit - irl you need your sunglasses on for these because, not only are the colours very bright, but are irridescent and very shiny. The background yellow card is pearlised.

I ddon't remember wearing any outfit quite like that in the 1970s but I do remember teetering around on platform shoes, despite saying that I'd never wear them when they first appeared on the fashion scene.

Boots and shoes are the theme for challenge 42 on Die cut dreams and also this week on Daring cardmakers the challenge is 'if the shoes fits'.

It's another one for Allsorts 46: 'no DPs'.

Challenge 2 for Meljen's designs is 'let's see some girly colours' - I think these are girly enough - well, they were in the 1970s. And Paper play 14 calls for 'shiny happy people' - this card is really shiny and the girl seems to be happy!

Crafty Ann
's 12 is 'let the sunshine in', so this seems to fit that - calls up images of lazy summer days.

There's nothing creative about this or the card shown below, but, hey ho, at least I've done something today.

PS: Lol! thanks to Joanne for pointing out that I had made a big typo and put 1070 insteadd of 1970 - glad it was only on here and not on the actual card!! (I've changed it now).

At last ... here I am again

It's been a week since I shared any crafting. I've done very little this past week, partly because I just haven't felt like it. A few days ago I decided I'd have more of a sort out of my craft stuff, but that hasn't amounted to much really - and most of it is already sorted anyway.

Sometimes I give in to temptation and buy kits from QVC thinking that they will help me make some quick cards for when I need them for selling for charity - and, tbh, they do sell quite well because the quality is good. The only thing is that you get sheets of die cut shapes that have to be taken out and they have all those annoying little bobbles that have to be snipped off - and by the time you've done that you could have stamped and made a few much more individually styled cards. So during the week I've been cutting bobbles off die cuts and bagging them up in the hope that I might just actually use them, although I'd far rather be playing with stamps.

In the thick of all this yesterday, I came across a challenge that was asking for a silhouette and I had just the right die cut set that fitted that, so this is for CCEE: 'silhouettes on the shade'.

As no patterned paper was used, it's also good for Allsorts 46: 'no DPs'.

I know that there is a blue mat beneath the main image and a bit of red for the waistcoat, but the rest is mainly black and white, so I'm linking for Lots to do 13 and it's a 'scene' for Hanna and friends 39.

And as this was part of a kit that was originally bought to use, but remained in the box, it's right for Flourishes Timeless 61 challenge.

Mind you, I can't really explain why he's holding an umbrella up when the moon is so full and the stars are twinling - a bit of poetic licence I think!