Wednesday 1 December 2010


It's Wednesday again - and that means WOYWW - if you still don't know what this is (is there anyone left who doesn't?) then hop on over to Julia's blog for a nose and join in.

No actual crafting going on atm - I've been writing Christmas cards - you can see a pile that's been done in the second picture - in fact, there's another pile behind that - think I've done about 80 so far. As you can see, I have little labels all over the place - believe it or not, they are in groups according to family etc (I know it doesn't look like it!). I'm a cheap skate, so I don't buy special labels - just print out sheets with addresses as if they are labels, cut them up and stick them using my good old ATG gun. And it also means that I have a ready list on computer - just update when it comes to the next year.

I've actually got some crafting to show, but haven't yet got round to blogging it - perhaps later today.

And this is the view if I swing round to the window - brrrrrrrrrrrrr:

More snowy pictures here.

Thanks to everyone who visits me and leaves comments - much appreciated - I seem to fail miserbly at hopping around the WOYWW blogs - I do try, but never seem to be able to get to all of them.

And by the way, thanks for all those who have become followers of my new Christmas challenge blog. I did the draw for the candy very early this morning and have posted the winner. There is going to be more candy very soon - as a thank you for so many people joining in so far - so check back to my Christmas blog in the next day or two and please join in.

PS Just come back to change the title of this post - for some reason I originally put 71 instead of 77!

It 'snow joke now!!

The photos say it all!!

The whirligig washing line keeps swaying a bit in the wind - the snow fell off at some stage yesterday, but has built up again - think it's now too frozen solid to drop off! At least the wind is keeping the tree branches from breaking with the weight of snow.

and the garden table looks like a big Christmas cake!

These were all taken from inside (or with the back door open for a better peep) - staying in and keeping safe and warm.

Hope to blog some cards soon, but atm writing Christmas cards.