Monday 8 September 2008

Paper n Lace Altered Canvas Challenge

On Paper n Lace Jo (bagpuss) set a challenge: 'Your challenge is to ALTER a CANVAS using any materials or medium u like.'

Well, I've never done a canvas before, so this is a sad first attempt. I have Laura Ashley curtains in my craft room. Quite a while ago I received a magazine sub free gift of some LA stamps and various other matching bits. So I decided to use some of these on the canvas.

I covered the canvas with various shades of acrylic paints (using an old credit card to spread it - saw this tip somewhere on the net). Then I used a reddish pink acrylic paint brushed on a LA stamp quite a few times over the canvas. I then sprinkled hologram embossing powder and heated, which is why it's difficult to get pictures (especially at night, but the deadline for the challenge is today). In these pictures you can't really see many of the stamped images, but I can assure you that they do show up more irl, depending on the angle of light reflection. It really does look less patchy than in the photos.

Well, I did say it was a first attempt!

HS:MS sweet

Today's prompt: 'To have a pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey. Find something sweet in your space today.'

As John is diabetic and I too should go easy on the sweet stuff (ha ha), we don't have a lot of 'sweet' in our space, but this is something that I adore on pancakes or porridge (which is probably why I try not to have porridge too often - although it would be very good for me - because I tend to smother it in golden syrup: