Wednesday 15 February 2012


It's Wednesday again and time for another WOYWW - what's on your workdesk Wednesday 141.

I've been spending some time recently sorting and re-organising my craft stuff (I always seem to be doing this).

At the beginning of the year one of my crafting resolutions was to put inserts into cards and bag and label them every week rather than leave the job till it piles up. What usually happens is that I make cards, put them aside and then suddenly realise that I need to put inserts in and label and bag them ... and it's such a chore to do loads all at once.

I've always kept some ready folded general inserts in a box which helps because they are easily accessible, but Christmas inserts were in boxes laid flat, so it was a real chore to get them out, hence the cards piling up without getting done. And I always kept all my cello bags of various sizes in one box and had to rummage through them whenever I needed them.

So I spent some time folding Christmas inserts and also making labelled dividers. I had lots of cello bags already labelled - I've now sorted them and they are all divided in their categories so that it will be easier to find what I want.

I hoping that all this is going to help me keep on top of finishing off the cards and having them completely bagged and ready - we'll see.

So here is the general picture (you'll see a few new crafty bits on the left hand side - a girl's gotta have some treats!):

And when I'm not using them they can go back into the cupboard:

I've recently sorted and tidied this cupboard - my next job is to label everything properly.

Once I've linked this I'm off to have a nosey at other workdesks and see what everyone's up to.

A big THANK YOU to all those who visit and leave comments - much appreciated.

Suzie's 365 day 46: bloom

John bought me roses for Valentine's Day - however, I had them early this year (ordered with my Ocado online groceries on Saturday). So they are now in full bloom and not looking as good as they were when I got them.

So this is for Suzie's day 46: bloom.

Thought I'd play around with the photo today to make it a bit different: