Friday, 25 January 2008

At last!!

In the last week or so I've been neglecting my blog and haven't done any crafting to show anything anyway. This is partly because things have been a little different with John coming out of hospital - Wednesday taken up with another visit to Guy's, getting home at 6.30, having left in the morning - so far so good with the toe (or strictly speaking I should say 'lack of toe').

During this past week I've also been having a bit more of a turn out of some of my craft stuff, particularly knitting and cross stitch materials etc - sadly now, because of the problems with my back, I just can't sit at knitting or cross stitching, so I've come to the conclusion that it's silly to hang on to stuff that I won't use, so I've spent time putting items on Ebay (particularly as yesterday was a half-price day) - it's amazing how much time it takes to actually do the descriptions and the photos and then put them on - I'm glad I started some of the descriptions the previous day.

Anyway, today I couldn't put off the crafting any longer because we have more family birthdays on the near horizon.

The first card is one for a friend's birthday tomorrow - using one of my favourite stamps:

Then the next ones are for mum to give to three of her great granddaughters:

Then I needed to also make cards from us. The large numbers for these cards were done on the robo and the background papers are the English Paper Company:

The colours of these two are much more vivid irl:

I really don't feel into my crafting atm - the above are feeble efforts really. I'm hoping that more motivation will return soon.