Friday 25 December 2009

Christmas crafting goodies

I've had some lovely Christmas presents - I thought as this is a crafting blog that I'd show the crafting presents I've received.

The sentiments and flowers in the left corner were from Annmarie, a friend on CBC - thank you, Ann. The rest were given to me by mum and John - what a lovely lot of goodies to play with (you can see a bit clearer if you click on the picture).

Then John gave me another card and this was inside it - bless him, he didn't know how to spell cricut - he knows I'd like to get 'sure cuts a lot'.

I was going to have a play with one of my new stamps while John had a snooze after lunch, but I felt so full and lethargic that I didn't get round to it - perhaps a bit later (if he has another snooze!)