Friday 11 April 2008

DCM butterfly, flutterby

Quite a long while ago I bought a kit from QVC - seemed a good idea at the time, but ... - lots of stuff by Craft House - all very nice, but no real crafting involved in making anything. It's just a matter of peel off the sheet and stick on a card. I sold some off on ebay recently, but still had lots left, so last evening I decided to make some cards with them - I did 21 altogether - and I've still got some more left over (watch out on ebay!).

Anyway, I had a look this morning to see what the dare is today on DCM and it's 'butterflies', so here are five cards from me that have butterflies on them, but I take absolutely no credit for any creativity or crafting, because it's just not appropriate. However, I'm hoping that some of these cards will help towards raising money for charity the next time that I have a sale.

I deliberately left a couple quite plain (temptation to add more and more)

The photos are rubbish - the light is varying so much today - April showers!

HS:MS recycle

Todayt on HS:MS: recycle: 'Covert waste into reusable materials. Find something to recycle in your space today.'

The first shot is one looking into our yukky green box which is used for recycling glass, tins and plastic - it looks really mucky - it's been raining a while ago, but I have to confess that it's dirty anyway, but who on earth bothers to clean the box (probably everyone else!):

And this is a much nicer recycling. This is what I started with:

and ended up with this (it now lives on my windowsill and is very useful):