Thursday, 15 November 2007

Christmas card request

I was asked to make an 'across the miles' sort of Christmas card. This is the idrea I came up with:

I'm pleased with it. I outlined the skates in Paint and then got the outline for my robo to cut out.

One more done

A friend asked me to make a card for a baby who is being christened, but didn't want 'christening' on the card, but 'special day'. The only other request was to include a Bible:

The 'on your special day' is actually silver and gold, not all gold as in the way the photo has come out with the flash.

This scan shows it a bit better:

One card done

I've managed to finish the card I started on yesterday. The request was for a 13 year old who is into computer games and likes dogs:

The surround of the picture is silver mirror card and the numbers are silver holographic - just don't show up properly on the scan (and I tried a photo and that was worse).

HS:MS miniature

'A replica of something in a smaller scale. Find 'miniature' in your space today.'

The only thing I could think of off the top of my head was my set of Russian dolls, the smallest, of course, being the 'miniature':

Just pausing today to thank all my friends on HS:MS for their kind comments - before I started the daily prompts, I would never have thought of bothering to take pictures like this - and, although I'm still only really a snapper, perhaps it's helping me to getting better.

And now I must get on and make some cards for requests I've had - why is it that they are always the hardest to make? I started on one of them yesterday and took quite a long while and still didn't finish it. And I also have a CJ DLO that needs to be done. I hope to be back later to show that I've achieved something.