Wednesday, 5 December 2007

HS:MS Christmas and DCM dare

Kirsty on HS:MS today says: 'Come on, we all have a hint of it somehwere in our space - right?'

Well, actually, there isn't much sign of it here yet. The decorators have gone and we're now trying to get back to some normality - ha ha!!!

This morning John had a cardiology appointment, so that was the morning and this afternoon we unpacked a new hi-fi we'd bought last week - only to discover that, despite it being very well packaged, one of the speakers was damaged. This resulted in phone calls and a trip back to Currys to get the speaker replaced, but, oh no, not as simple as that - no more in stock. So someone is going to pick one up from Tunbridge Wells and bring to Bromley for us to collect on Saturday.

Meanwhile, we're having our new TV delivered tomorrow - our time slot is between 7 and 11 - oh what bliss, we have to be up and ready in case they come at 7!!!

When we eventually got back at dinner time tonight I found that there are still problems with my main laptop (seems to be a fight between Norton which was on trial offer pre-installed when I bought the laptop and vista). Because I got fed up with Norton popping up every time I booted up I decided the other night to uninstall it and have had problems ever since - now I can't get on the internet at all on that machine, despite having done system restore back beyond the Norton uninstall. Oh the joys of computers!

In the last few days I've done little crafting, but did manage a card last night for the DCM dare this week:

'Tweet tweet': 'This week its Rhi here to Dare you... and the theme is to do with our feathered friends!(Are you remembering to feed them now it's chilly out)
Robins, love birds, cartoon birds, stamped birds, paper pieced birds, dingbat birds. Its up to you. I dare you to make a card with a bird or birds on, it doesn't have to be a real species, the more weird and wonderful the better!

Mine is a very simple Christmas card using some Be Blessed paper as a background and an Anita's dove stamp inked with Brilliance white and embossed with fine detail white.

So this is the best I can come up with for Christmas in my space atm: