Sunday, 13 January 2008

Blog candy draw winner

Pat's name was drawn as the winner last Monday evening, but there is no blog to get in touch and I'm not sure, Pat, how to get hold of you. (I thought I knew who you are, but it wasn't the person I thought).

Please get in touch with me so I can send the crafty bits to you - or if anyone knows how I can contact Pat, please let me know.

If I haven't heard anything by tomorrow evening, I'll get John to draw another name - would like to be able to send these bits to someone - and if Pat gets in touch, then I'll send some more goodies.

And I'm afraid atm I have little crafting to show, except a Thank you card for the challenge on CBC: 'It's all Greek to me: Your challenge is to make an item that includes a word or phrase from a language other than English. You might already have items to hand or you might want to handwrite or use the computer and printer - use your imagination and see where it goes!' This is a card I made with 'thank you' in a variety of langauges (printed from the computer) with primas and brads added (I've just noticed that in the photo one of the petals on the bottom prima is hiding - it's showing properly now irl!):