Saturday 5 September 2009

Back to school notebook

It's that time of year when there are bound to be a few 'back to school' challenges, so this notebook has been made with these in mind:

365 day 178: 'back to school'
Created by hand: 'back to schooldays'
Creative Belli 73: 'apples or pencils' (back to school theme)
Cute Card Thursday 76: 'back to school'
3 Clovers 29: back to school theme - primary and secondary colours

and 2 red bananas
: 'rub a dub dub' - using rub-ons - the wording down the side, the crayons, the bus and the apple are all rub ons

and, lastly, for the Fiskarettes 'back to school' competition

Everything used - paper, rub ons, stickers - was purchased from Poundland (quite a while ago):