Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I need to make a list of all the crafty things that are outstanding and need to be done (nevermind my own Christmas cards to be written etc).

Earlier this afternoon we had a call from our decorators to say that they could start on the lounge on Thursday if we'd like them to - they can slot it in Thursday, Friday and Monday (we had said they could call us at short notice but that it probably would be after Christmas).

So we have spent time this afternoon moving things around and I now have piles of videos, CDs, DVDs etc on the worktop in my new craft room.

The funny thing is that I was just about to take some photos soon of my room, having almost organised everything - ha ha - no photos yet now, not with all the 'extras' in here.

I'll have to make sure I can still get into my chair to do some crafting (got to do some of the urgent things on the list).

Hey ho - and it's mum's birthday on Thursday and we're hoping she's going to feel able to go out to lunch - at least it will get us out of the chaos.

We have a very heavy old-style TV that we're going to replace with a flat screen one - we are in process of juggling what we do when - and we have carpet on order, so don't know now whether perhaps it will be done before Christmas.

One day we will be straight! And we've only just got rid of the paint smell from having this room and the bedroom done and now we'll be going all through it again in the lounge (and we only have the one lounge/dining room, so nowhere else to escape to).

We must be mad!!

HS:MS rough

'Have you got a bit of rough in your space?'

Yes, too much on my feet (and no, I'm not showing you my feet!), which is why I need this (and ought to use it more often - then my feet wouldn't be so rough!):