Wednesday 17 December 2008

CBC Tag swap received

These are the lovely tags I received in the swap organised by Jackie on CBC:

Blog award

Today I've received this award from the very kind Adele, alias Dingle:

Thank you so much, Adele - and for your kind words.

"The rules are to give it to five others, who shall give it to five others.. You shall link the one you got it from, and also the ones you give it to:) And let them know. And there is more... You have to write down five things you are addicted to...."

Oh gosh!! Five things I'm addicted to (that's difficult, unless I just saw dark chocolate, dark chocolate ... I'm sure you get the drift):

1. Cardmaking
2. Patterned papers
3. Rubber stamps
4. Dark chocolate
5. Husband, family and friends

I realise now I've done the list that they really ought to be in reverse order!!

Now to choose five blogs to name for the award - so difficult - I know so many talented crafty people who deserve to have this far more than me, but I have to restrict to five, so here goes:

Sheila - I so admire Sheila's crafting - she is so talented - it is a delight to visit her blog and see her never-ending ideas and inspiration

Wendy - I feel I could say exactly the same about Wendy - she is outstandingly creative and it is a joy to visit her blog and see her amazing work

Jackie - it is always inspiring to go along to Jackie's blog and see what she's been up to - another lady full of creativity and talent

Kathy - you will never be disappointed if you visit Kathy's blog - her crafting is superb and again and again she comes up with inspiration and results that are stunning

Lythan - last, but not least, another dear crafting friend, who has just been featured on Inspirational - I fully agree with what's been said on their blog: 'this is a site I often go to to look for inspiration. Lythan is a great cardmaker too - which is why I am nominating this site today. Her craft talents are extraordinary. Lythan's use of papers, journalling, doodling combine to make a perfect page or card.'

I feel a bit of a fraud getting this award at this time because over the past couple of weeks I've had very little crafting to show, but there are other demands in life - something to do with something that's happening in a week's time! In fact, I promised myself I'd do some crafting today, but nothing to show so far, although if you come back tomorrow you'll be able to see my contribution for the new Salt challenge.

BF Advent 17

Today's advent present is some super little buckles - they are so sweet - thank you, SS: