Tuesday 20 May 2008

Raffle prize

I seem to be on a real winning streak atm!! I've received this beautiful bag charm from Kaz on Bubblyfunk forum - she held a raffle and a fundraising event for Action for ME recently and I won one of the prizes:

HS:MS catch up

Last Thursday Suzy said: 'Good morning chaps!

Whilst Anita and Kirsty are busy bunnies, I would like to invite you to get in touch with your inner child.

I thought it might be fun to go back to our childhood's and use those old faithful Disney characters for a bit of photographic inspiration.

We all know these characters Im sure and I bet a lot of us have them around the house in many different guises. For those that like a challenge, interpret the prompts in whichever way you wish, but for days when the old grey matter just wont work, if you have this particular character in your space, just snap it as it is - an easy get out!

Louise has very kindly agreed to lend a hand so I hope you'll enjoy playing along until Anita and Kirsty come back.

First up, those little dudes that were so kind to Snow White... Our first dwarf is Doc...':

'Morning chaps! Lovely to see so many of you playing along, thank you. Carrying on with our second Dwarf this morning, but dont get too complacent snappers, we may not do them all!

Just a shy guy this fella, Bashful'

'Now was this dwarf really as miserable as his name? I know some of you were expecting this yesterday so here you go...


'A tricky one for Sunday, and one Ive had to fall back on an archive photo of my sister Emma. Terrible photo but excusable as its 38 years old but fits perfectly for our fourth dwarf


'Probably lots of this out there at the moment for those hayfever sufferers as we enjoy some sunshine in the U.K, our next Dwarf up is...


'The most jolly of the 7 little dudes, lets have a Happy day today!


So now I'm up to date again (except that I didn't do SPS or SOS on the weekend)

Romance is alive and well!!

I know this is a craft blog and this has nothing to do with crafting, but just wanted to share it.

John had just been collected by car to go to bowls as he usually does on a Tuesday afternoon, when I saw a van draw up and a man walk down our path carrying a gorgeous bouquet.

It's our wedding anniversary this coming Sunday, but soon afterwards we are going away for a break and John obviously arranged for these to be delivered early so that I could enjoy them for the week before going away.