Friday 27 June 2008

Tanda Teaser 'canine capers'

Wendy set the Tanda teaser this week: 'CANINE CAPERS - I would like to see dogs on your cards. Lots of lovely doggies - there are no restrictions with this one - use whatever products you have to hand.' Sorry to hear though, Wendy, that little Chloe is poorly - hope she's better soon.

Well, no surprises from me really - used the Josey look-alike labrador stamp for this simle card (similar to one or two I've done before, but I love this stamp, for obvious reasons):

It's a poor photo because you can't see the gold effect on the white card - iridescent - but at least you can clearly see the lab, which is the main thing!

Satisfyng stamping session

The brief on CBC for this month's swap is to use card other than white or ink other than black. I like doing these rubber stamp swaps because it's an opportunity to do a few extra for myself at the same time.

The first stamp is a foam one I got in a set the other day from QVC - very good value for the size of the stamps (have to watch the ink on the edges though - I might resort to using the craft knife to chop them down, but they are on quite deep foam).